Hear what our clients say about us:
I missed placing a car in NY for today. Dianna, saw my email noted the missing car, and called me immediately to set up. Couldn’t have done it without her. Dianna always provides excellent service with a prompt response time, great attention to detail, and an outstanding attitude. — Elissa M. Executive Assistant Private Investment Firm
Harry saved the day for me: My boss missed his flight, and due to inclement weather, all flights heading east were completely sold out. Harry managed to find a connection that would allow my boss to arrive at his destination in a timely manner AND satisfied all of his seating preferences. Harry is a fantastic agent who always has his clients’ best interests in mind. — Katrina R. Administrative Assistant Asset Management Business
I’m grateful to have all of the staff at Ovation available to assist me. One of the attorneys I work with travels frequently, has complicated requests, and changes his itinerary often, after everything is in place. I am grateful Jason and the Ovation staff are available to handle these travel requests. Thank you! — Doreen T. Legal Secretary Law Firm
Carlos is terrific! He gets it. He successfully and joyously exercises the ability to 'think out of the box' creatively developing solutions to ease the president’s (& my) life as I plan the president’s travels, which can be quite complex. I love working with him. Mariann is energetic and helpful as well and understands the demands of a president’s office. — Deb F. Executive Assistant Professional Services Firm
I have heard nothing but compliments about your service. Choosing your company was actually one of the easiest decisions, and has proven to be a very good one. — Clark D. Executive Director Law Firm
Elaine went above and beyond to assist me. My plane was delayed in New Orleans due to bad weather. Elaine stayed two hours beyond closing time to help secure a reservation for me. She worked with me and didn’t leave me hanging. She was diligent, hard working and provided me with solutions to my flight problem. — Ted L. Partner Law Firm
I needed to cancel a trip due to illness and deadlines, and Tanya negotiated with the [Hotel] to avoid the sizable cancellation fee. Very much appreciated. — Joan W. Partner Law Firm
Dianna is, hands down, the best travel consultant in the world! She untangles the messiest of messes and is able to work miracles. She is just the BEST and we’d be lost without her!! — Meredith R. Executive Assistant Private Equity Firm
Karen always has provided superb service well above my admittedly high expectations. — Aaron H. Sr. VP, Loss Prevention Insurance Company
Jose is an outstanding travel consultant and I could not travel without the benefit of knowing he has my back. — Cecilia R. Legal Assistant Professional Services Firm
Once again I had to call Dale on a weekend when my boss wanted to change his plans. As usual, Dale was upbeat, cheerful and couldn’t be more helpful and pleasant to work with. He even got the hotel to waive the cancellation fee! Outstanding job! — Wilma M. Office Manager Management Consulting Firm
Kelli provides great service for me in arranging travel for my boss. It’s a very confusing world of fares and changes and there are times I find it all very frustrating, but Kelli has managed to get us through even our most trying trip issues. She also frequently manages upgrades at the last minute. Great to work with. — Ellen D. Executive Assistant Professional Services Firm
I have had the pleasure of working with John at the VIP desk for a couple of weeks now. My boss, who travels extensively and is constantly changing flights, requires a lot of attention. John has consistently shown that he is knowledgeable about the travel industry, professional, and courteous. I feel comfortable knowing that the travel arrangements I request from John are handled quickly and accurately. — Pat K. Legal Secretary Law Firm
Paulette was extremely helpful and was able to address any questions that I had. I don’t often use travel agencies because too often the service is poor. Ovation Travel is very different, their knowledgeable AND courteous consultants make all the difference. — Rick G. President Management Consulting Firm
Benjamin spent more than two hours on the phone with Delta in order to resolve a problem that I had. He saved the client more than $1,000 and I highly commend him for the level of service. — Barry G. Partner Law Firm
Cindy is an absolute star! She works so quickly and efficiently that even the most complex requests (of which we have MANY) are processed immediately. She always does the most she possibly can to get our executives the exact travel arrangements they want—she performs her job at 110% all the time. We never cease to be impressed and pleased with Cindy’s magic abilities! THANK YOU, CINDY, for everything you do! — Katrina R. Administrative Assistant Asset Management Business
Miriam continues without fail to exhibit broad-base knowledge and proficiency and expertise as a travel representative. I rely on her input and exhaustive experience in the travel industry and she is an example of excellent customer service on all levels. — Julia B. Legal Assistant Law Firm
Nandita is the ultimate professional. On Friday, Nandita went above and beyond the call of duty. She stayed late, called me numerous times, then sent an email explaining all of her efforts to secure the upgrades requested by [a traveler] at the end of the work day. Additionally, on Monday, when I arrived at work, there was another email from Nandita regarding the upgrades. Nandita is ALWAYS professional, pleasant, and knowledgeable. — Marianne H. Legal Secretary Law Firm
Dianna is the best corporate travel agent I’ve ever worked with, and I’ve been an EA for over 20 years. — Laurie H. Executive Assistant Private Equity Firm
I just wanted to let you know that my travel consultant’s help last week has made this relationship worth its weight in gold, silver and any other precious metal you want to list. Diamonds, too! She is amazing! I really felt like I had a guardian angel looking after me. — Diane S. Executive Assistant to the CEO Technology Consulting Firm
The travel department is as important as my breakfast. I can’t live without them. — Sharon A. Assistant to Partner Law Firm
Kelli did an amazing job changing the departure date of a business class ticket, saving us thousands of dollars. Her diligence, tenacity and persistence always pays off! — Gary M. Department Manager Professional Services Firm
I wish you gave higher numbers than a ‘10,’ as Debbie is a stellar, remarkable, and tireless travel agent to work with. Whether it is on a $20,000+ business reservation, or a $1,000 personal trip, Debbie gives her all to find the best value and arrangements for the client. She is always a delight and pleasure to work with. — Ellin J. Travel Coordinator Private Equity Firm
Great experience as ALWAYS. Never disappointed with Ovation Corporate Travel. Why go anywhere else? You make it so easy. Much appreciated. — Chris G. Director Financial Services Firm
Kelli did a tremendous job working on this ticket, especially since the airline wasn’t answering calls. Her diligence and knowledge saved [the company] a ton of money. — Gary M. Department Coordinator Professional Services Firm
Dean is the quintessential travel rep — always looking at big picture, offers suggestions, cost-conscious, great sense of humor, and has an outstanding work ethic. Can we clone him? — Deborah W. HR Specialist Law Firm
What’s the point of these surveys? You guys get a standing ovation from me every time! — Chris G. Director Financial Services Firm
Theresa is the absolute best. Again, she assisted my wife and I with some personal travel arrangements and without reminding her she was able to secure adjoining hotel rooms with amenities for my daughters who are 10 and 8 respectively. — Mike S. Partner Law Firm
I could not be happier. Your team has always provided me with a First Class' customer service experience. Well done! — Paul G. Manager of Infrastructure Operations Credit and Information Management Firm
I was stuck in a meeting when it became apparent that the meeting would end much earlier than I had thought. I emailed asking for help in getting on an earlier flight and Britt took care of it immediately. I got home to my family and avoided another day on the road. I was very grateful for his quick response and the terrific outcome. — Dena W. Partner Law Firm
Don’t know what I’d do without this group of associates as they are not only helpful but never make you feel you’re bothering them or asking dumb questions. Thank you 'Ovation Gang! You’re the Best!' Thank You, Loria, for being so prompt and soooo helpful. — Irene D. Asst. Admin to VP of Operations Professional Services Firm
Ovation’s travel consultants are SUPERIOR and I always look forward to working with them for all of my personal and business travel needs. — Ellin J. Senior Executive Assistant Private Equity Firm
As I’ve said many times, if all [our firms’] departments ran as efficiently as our travel department, our lives would be much easier! — Linda C. Legal Administrative Assistant Law Firm
Katie provided the most professional and efficient service I have ever received. Due to her outstanding service, I will use Ovation for all of my personal and business needs. — Malika B. Human Resources Manager Retailer
Love the new trip reminders and alerts. Trish helped me on my two most recent calls. She was great! — Robert C. IT Supervisor Law Firm
Ovation is always one step ahead of the game. The entire team is really great. They all do an amazing job! Thank you! — Christina S. Office Manager Financial Services Firm
Jason went above and beyond working with my secretary to accommodate my travel requests. He was friendly, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. I’ve previously been skeptical of working with travel agencies, but after working with Jason, I see the ‘value added’ from using a travel agency, and will try to work through Ovation more in the future. — Ross B. Associate Law Firm
I was stuck at JFK after two cancelled flights from Europe and many calls with the airlines that resulted in an unworkable solution. After Ben assisted me, we were able to secure seats on a flight that evening and get home. He was very professional, and worked very diligently (including making several conference calls and patiently working with the airline) to find a solution. He should be commended and rewarded for his efforts. — Angelique K. Attorney Law Firm
Always professional and helpful while providing the best recommendations within our company guidelines. A ‘10’ across the board. — Jim R. Vice President Financial Services Firm
Theresa is just the absolute best! She has been instrumental in assisting me and my wife in getting our vacation and my business trips done in a timely fashion and to everyone’s satisfaction. — Mike S. Partner Law Firm
A lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Julius G. Publisher Publishing Company
Ellie and Judith continue to be the best travel advisors and agents I’ve ever worked with; and I am a very frequent business traveler (over 1-million miler). The team is simply the best. — Mark B. Head of Firm Law Firm
This team is exceptional and makes my administrative team’s job a lot easier. Our travelers change their itineraries multiple times and usually at the very last minute. Ovation always remains patient, pleasant and efficient in addressing all of our requests. I commend them on their skill and effectiveness and their ability to ease our often stressed-out traveling executives. — Diane B. Senior Project Coordinator Asset Management Business
Dave continues to provide exceptional service with the most comprehensive support and suggestions when I book travel for the CEO of a global corporation. He is pleasant, knowledgeable and timely. — Angela H. Executive Assistant to President & CEO Global Real Estate Firm
All my executive officers enjoy working with Belma. You can give her your details and leave it in her hands with no worries. — Michele D. Executive Assistant Financial Services Firm
Diane is a rock star! She reminded me of things that I had forgotten (like providing the traveler’s birthday to speed up security check-in). — Monica H. Administrative Assistant Law Firm
The after-hours/emergency staff is AWESOME!!! Very informed, professional and extremely patient and nice. STANDING OVATION!!! — Andria M. Executive Assistant Private Equity Firm
Once again, Rob was spectacular. He researched what we requested and suggested better alternatives. We always go with Rob’s suggestions and have never been disappointed. Rob is a travel genius. Thank you, Rob!!! — Sandra A. Sr. Legal Secretary Law Firm
The service provided by Ovation has been nothing less than superior. The staff has gone above and beyond the call of duty to accommodate our ever-changing and often last-minute travel requirements. Thank you for being the professionals you are. — Reuben L. Managing Director Private Equity Firm
Jon is always stellar. He continually secures low fares and great seats, which both our clients and our travelers GREATLY appreciate. He is also always on top of confirmed flights and calls as soon as he is aware of a schedule change, seat opening and/or price drop. I really have enjoyed working with Jon this past year! — Cheryl O. Executive Assistant Management Consulting Firm