For Immediate Release - Ovation Travel Group, one of the largest independently owned travel management companies headquartered in the U.S., today is celebrating three of its travel advisors – Michelle Cohen, Fallon Hirschhorn and Lilly Sutton – who were among a very select number of travel advisors named by Travel Agent magazine to its annual 30under30 list. No other travel agency organization had as many advisors represented on the venerable publication’s twelfth annual list as Ovation, which constitutes ten percent of the honored advisors on the list.

“We salute Michelle Cohen, Fallon Hirschhorn and Lilly Sutton for representing Ovation Travel Group so extraordinarily well, not only via their 30under30 list honors, but particularly when helping guide their growing clientele,” stated Paul Metselaar, CEO and Chairman of Ovation. “Ovation Travel Group has long been home to some of our industry’s foremost veteran advisors. Yet it is because of the knowledge and expertise that they are willing to impart to our newer advisors through their mentorships that we are very successful in attracting a significant number of Millennials and now Gen Z advisors into Ovation’s ranks. Michelle, Fallon and Lilly each exemplify that success. We are enormously proud of them.”

Travel Agent magazine profiled Ovation’s trio of honorees, and included why each of them have succeeded so early in their careers:

  • Michelle Cohen’s “professionalism and dedication are unmatched. She anticipates the clients’ needs long before they even ask, adding special touches to truly personalize every trip. There is no task she hasn’t excelled at, impressing me each day with her breadth of knowledge. She will be a force to be reckoned with in the industry for many years to come,” said Sylvia Lebovitch, Senior Travel Advisor of SL Travel within Ovation. Cohen works with Lebovitch.
  • Fallon Hirschhorn “has been working with me for six years and is an integral part of our team. She’s a superstar travel agent. Her take-charge, positive attitude has helped shape her success. She has a keen eye for detail. Her concern and care for our clients is evident in everything she does,” stated Judy Stein, president of The Stein Collective within Ovation. Hirschhorn works with Stein.
  • Lilly Sutton “has a special way about her that helps her succeed in this increasingly competitive business. Her success is evident in the flood of referrals that come in day after day. Her knowledge has grown exponentially in the past two years. She has a discerning eye for what clients will like as she expertly matches the correct property to the right client,” noted Lebovitch, with whom Sutton works.

“What has amazed me in this digital age is how our under 30 advisors have become true forces of nature as social media influencers, which in turn has empowered them as travel influencers,” explained Metselaar. “With the influence exhibited on a daily basis from Michelle, Fallon and Lilly, it is no surprise that the number of travelers under 30 who seek out the expertise of our travel advisors continues to accelerate.”

Ovation’s luxury leisure travel division is inviting independent advisors to learn how to qualify for its program by visiting