With Focus on Clients, Advisors and Suppliers, Ovation Travel Group Lays the Groundwork for Travel’s Eventual Comeback

Rooted in client trust, Ovation seeks to deepen its partnerships with both the advisors and suppliers who will inspire confidence among travelers.

NEW YORK, NY – For Immediate Release – After reaching the six month milestone since COVID-19 was first detected in the United States, Ovation Travel Group – one of the largest independently owned travel management and luxury leisure travel companies headquartered in the United States – today is unveiling a glimpse of its two-pronged strategy to fully re-engage with its corporate and leisure clients once they feel comfortable in traveling again. The first prong revolves around strengthening Ovation’s value proposition to both existing and prospective Independent Advisors (IAs) primarily on the leisure side. The second prong will further intensify Ovation’s ongoing relationships with key travel suppliers.

“While every traveler’s comfort level is different, it is paramount that Ovation is fully prepared to turn on a dime once the world really opens up again,” noted Paul Metselaar, CEO and Chairman of Ovation Travel Group. “Ever since we first sent our employees to work from home in early March, we have been laying the groundwork for our industry’s eventual comeback. We believed then as we do now that it was vitally important for us to begin charting a new course for our ‘new normal,’ particularly as we seek to deepen the trust our clients place in us. While they may not be traveling as much now, we continue to engage them in meaningful dialog.”

According to Metselaar, client trust guides the organization in all of its initiatives, and was one of the reasons why Ovation began offering its complimentary ‘Standing With You’ kits three months ago: so clients who are traveling have added peace of mind.

Metselaar indicated that the two most compelling ways for Ovation to influence and strengthen client trust is through the bonds they have with their advisor and through their satisfaction in the travel experience itself. Today, Ovation leadership provided a preview of what’s to come for both.

Strengthening Client Bonds through Ovation’s Value Proposition with IAs
With respect to the trust in which Ovation’s clients place in their experienced advisors, Gina Gabbard – Senior Vice President of Leisure & Independent Advisors for Ovation Travel Group – is spearheading an initiative to ensure Ovation’s value proposition resonates with IAs in a way that can ultimately benefit advisors and their clients alike.

“Ovation teams on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as on the West Coast, have been examining what our advisors value, what they need and what they might like to have to strengthen their client relationships,” Gabbard noted. “Beyond our longstanding relationship with Virtuoso, it has never been more crucial for Ovation to ensure that our advisors fully avail themselves of our suite of services and resources available to them. Our goal is to simplify their lives, add to their professionalism and instill pride for being part of the Ovation family – all while pleasing their customers.”

Gabbard indicated that Ovation has used this “pause on travel to become truly introspective” for a comprehensive inventory and analysis of all the organization offers to IAs. “We will make major announcements in the near future on our findings, as well as what IAs can expect from Ovation as their ‘trusted travel partner,’” Gabbard added.

Strengthening Client Bonds through Satisfaction in the Travel Experience
With regard to surpassing clients’ expectations on the travel experience, Jennifer Achim – Senior Vice President of Marketing for Ovation Travel Group – is leading the company’s initiative to not only fortify its relationships with its top suppliers, but also to amplify supplier messaging on safety and hygiene practices.

“Since the biggest fear among our clients is around the unknown – not knowing or understanding the health and safety protocols instituted by travel suppliers – we recognized that we needed to arm our travel consultants and advisors who are on the frontlines with clients about what each of our supplier partners are doing,” noted Achim. “By deepening our relationships with those partners at this critical juncture, we have the ability to amplify their messaging via our communications channels with clients, thus offering reassurance.”

Achim said the groundwork undertaken revolves entirely around increased communications. “Crucially, it’s not only imperative we communicate with our key partners across each of the various segments of our industry, but we must take what we learn from them and ensure it is shared through our advisors with our clients, no matter how infrequently they may be traveling. We will be announcing more about this initiative in the future.”

Summing up the initial announcement, Metselaar added, “We may not know when the pandemic will subside, but we do know that it eventually will. As an unreconstructed optimist, I continue holding out hope for breakthroughs, whether it is a vaccine – or at the very least, effective therapeutic drugs. My sense of optimism is why I implored Ovation’s leadership to think strategically on where we may have new opportunities to grow as well as how we can be best positioned once travel returns to some semblance of normalcy. We look forward to sharing more on our initiatives as we continue strengthening our bonds with our partners, our advisors and our clients.”

About Ovation Travel Group
Ovation Travel Group, whose flagship brand, Lawyers Travel, began operations over 35 years ago, is one of the largest independently owned travel companies headquartered in the U.S. With over $1.6 billion in annual sales last year, Ovation has travel consultants in more than 30 locations throughout the United States and the United Kingdom. Ovation is the largest affiliate of BCD Travel and utilizes BCD’s global network to fulfill its clients’ travel programs across the globe. Ovation provides business travel services, bespoke luxury travel experiences and meeting and special events planning for over 700 professional organizations and over 200,000 travelers.