Welcome to new ICs

For Immediate Release – Ovation Travel Group, one of the largest independently owned travel management companies headquartered in the US, announced that since the beginning of 2018, its growing leisure travel services division has attracted 24 Principal Independent Advisors (IAs) representing more than 40 advisors in both the United States and the United Kingdom who are now part of Ovation. While most are long established and respected advisors who opted to migrate to Ovation from other agencies, the luxury division has also succeeded in attracting aspiring advisors by working with them to develop their business.

The vast majority of those advisors have come aboard since Gina Gabbard and Tina Rose joined the company fifteen months ago (Gabbard is Ovation’s Senior Vice President of Leisure & Independent Advisors, while Rose serves as Ovation’s Managing Director in London).

“There are two major factors on why some of the most successful and renowned travel advisors are switching to Ovation Travel Group: their ease of access to our entire leadership team coupled with our organization’s fierce independence within the industry,” explained Paul Metselaar, Chairman & CEO of Ovation. “These advisors value what we provide, along with our Virtuoso affiliation, and we value all that they are contributing. Whether they are veteran advisors or new to our industry, each of the individuals who have joined us has infused Ovation with even more vitality and an unparalleled level of competency and expertise that benefits our growing clientele. As a result, client satisfaction has never been higher.”

As Ovation Travel Group celebrates its 35th anniversary, Metselaar explained that the gains in its IA roster position the company for stronger growth within the luxury leisure marketplace. “One of the hallmarks of Ovation Travel Group’s first 35 years has been our ability to proudly tell each of our valued clients that we are ‘your trusted travel partner,’” he noted. “Instead of serving as a mere platitude, it’s a philosophy that our leadership lives and breathes – not just with the clients we proudly serve, but also with the trusted advisors that we think of like family.”

Some of the veteran luxury travel advisors Ovation has attracted shared their experiences on why they joined, how they fared with their transition into the organization and what it has meant for their individual businesses:

Fiona Bayne (London, UK)
“Upon joining Ovation, their focus on making clients happy becomes very clear, and it makes them very easy to work with because we are working towards the same goal. It’s our knowledge and commitment which keeps clients coming back, and the support we receive from Ovation allows us to keep improving our service and makes a great working atmosphere.”

Robert A. Goldstein, CTC (New York, NY)
“Josh Greenberg and I have been at Ovation since October of 2018 – a major move and one we are extremely happy to have accomplished. Our transition was seamless since Ovation’s management couldn’t have done more to make sure we had a smooth start. We joined a company with an extremely helpful support staff and a great crowd of Independent Advisors who have not only been most welcoming, but also willing to share ideas and insights.”

Victoria Metcalfe (New York, NY)
“I was delighted to have the opportunity to join Ovation Travel Group as an IA last August. Having worked with several very reputable agencies over the past thirty-some years, I can honestly say that I have never worked with a more professional team of advisors, managers and support staff. As advisors on the front line, we are provided with all the tools we need to guide our clients towards great leisure adventures and experiences, plus ensuring them a safe and seamless trip in the process. My clients have been consistently happy with the work I am able to do here, and that makes me happy as well.”

Karen Newton (London, UK)
“Since joining Ovation in December, I could not feel more at home with such a great team. The company is very professional and totally hands-on. It has great people and a great atmosphere.”

Marielle Rishty (New York, NY)
“One of the many reasons I chose to join Ovation over other agencies is the strong relationships it has with our partners and suppliers. Once hoteliers see I come from Ovation, I have noticed how they are able to move around reservations and clear space when I come to them with a request during a busy period. Our clients are prioritized when it comes to certain benefits like early check-ins, upgrades and other perks. I have a huge success rate when it comes to my clients being upgraded upon arrival at the hotel, but I have even experienced hotels offering upgrades in advance at the time of booking, just as a courtesy to Ovation. We are able to offer so much in terms of amenities that not every agency can. Inevitably, this makes me look better and more valuable in the eyes of my clients.”

Laurie Robinson (New York, NY)
“Going to Ovation was the perfect move to provide even more service to our leisure clients because of the wonderful hands-on team. You just feel that your clients are cared for here. As an example, I had a booking for almost six months that included a Vatican tour, only to just learn that it was closed on the day our client built the itinerary around. We were really in a spot, but thanks to Ovation’s team, we were able to get that visit confirmed even though the Vatican was to be closed. It’s just one of many examples of the can-do attitude that occurs almost daily here.”

Harlee Rosenberg (New York, NY)
“I am so thrilled to be part of the Ovation Family! Our move to Ovation was a great decision both professionally and personally. Everyone throughout the whole company has been so welcoming and supportive, making what we thought would be a very hard transition so much easier. Ovation had worked with us through every step of the move process from sending out announcements to our clients to getting us set up and started in a nice, bright comfortable office. Upon our arrival, we even received a training schedule to learn the ‘Ovation’ way.”

In addition to its ability to attract some of the industry’s most established luxury advisors, Ovation Travel Group has also prioritized bringing new talent into the industry. Among those advisors is:

Andrew Steinberg (New York, NY)
“When I decided to finally pursue my passion and turn my love of exploring the world and planning trips into my next career, I turned to Ovation because they are recognized as an industry leader and innovator. As a family business, the foundation of family is incorporated into their DNA – Ovation still feels like a family, and when you join, you have the support surrounding you since the people are dedicated, kind and resourceful. Having great mentors who help with all potential issues and challenges is priceless, and their support is the best in the industry. Plus, Ovation has really helped introduce me to its supplier partners and provided immediate insights enabling me to build my business and provide excellence to my clients. I love coming to work!”

Ovation’s luxury leisure travel division is inviting independent advisors to learn how to qualify for its program by visiting https://www.ovationtravel.com/become-an-independent.