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For Immediate Release - September 14, 2017 - Ovation Corporate Travel's automated customer loyalty program, Ovantage, helps companies reduce business travel costs and encourages program consolidation by rewarding employees for smart travel decisions. Ovation announced that since its initial launch, the Ovantage program has grown to over 1,000 users. 

With Ovantage, Ovation travelers and travel arrangers earn loyalty points by making travel reservations through one travel management company to encourage program consolidation. Ovantage points can be redeemed for merchandise including gift cards, electronics, books, magazines, music, etc. The way points are earned can be customized by the client (e.g., double points for online bookings, special points for booking certain carriers within a given time window in order to hit contract minimums, etc.).

“The beauty of Ovantage,” said Michael Steiner, Executive Vice President, “is that there is an instant employee incentive for compliant and/or exceptional corporate-buying behavior. CFO’s and CAOs can dial-up Ovantage to encourage preferred airline and hotel suppliers, online adoption and overall savings. Customer feedback has been terrific from both end-users and financial officers.” In addition to being an employee-centric motivating incentive, businesses are seeing significant savings. Steiner added, “We are thrilled with the response from our clients, Ovantage has directly helped our clients consolidate travel programs and improve the bottom-line. Companies can save up to 20% through consolidation.”

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