What You Need to Know About Getting Your Real ID Now

Inc. - March 6, 2020 - With the October 1st deadline of the REAL ID Act approaching, roughly 180 million Americans still don't have a compliant ID to get through airport security checkpoints. In his latest Inc. article, CEO Paul Metselaar provides updated information on everything you need to know, including compliance status, TSA-accepted IDs and the process for getting a REAL ID compliant ... Read More

Travel Market Report Story: The Travel Industry's Resilience Will Prove Itself Again with Coronavirus

Travel Market Report - Gina Gabbard, Ovation's Senior Vice President of Leisure and Independent Advisors, discusses the resilience of the travel industry and how it has shown its ability to recover from crises with Travel Market Report.  For Gina Gabbard, the senior vice president of leisure and independent advisors, at Ovation Travel Group, right now, it is a “wait-and-see approach.” “I ... Read More

Insider Travel Report Video: How Ovation Grew Into the Powerhouse It Is Today

Insider Travel Report - Paul Metselaar, Ovation's Chairman & CEO, talks with Insider Travel Report about how he grew his business from a small travel agency owned by his parents into one of the largest independently owned travel management and luxury leisure travel companies headquartered in the US.  To watch Paul's video interview, click here. Read More

February E-Newsletter Recap

Ovation's weekly client e-newsletter, the Informed Traveler, keeps readers updated on travel industry news and trends. Read More

As “Over-Tourism” Concerns Mount, Ovation Offers Sustainable Strategies to Its Travelers

For Immediate Release – Premier international destinations from Barcelona to Bali have come under increasing pressure from those living there to curb runaway tourism after feeling the strains of what is now commonly referred to as “over-tourism.” Today, Ovation Travel Group – one of the largest independently owned travel management and luxury leisure travel companies headquartered in the United ... Read More

Travel Market Report Story: Ovation Opens New Offices in NYC

Travel Market Report - February 14, 2020 - Sunil Mahtani, Ovation's Executive Vice President, discusses the thoughtful planning and creative vision behind the development of Ovation's new headquarters with Travel Market Report.  Read More

COVID-19: Why You Should Care About the Spread of Misinformation and the Coronavirus

LinkedIn - February 19, 2020 - In his latest LinkedIn Influencer article, CEO Paul Metselaar discusses the latest developments of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the dangers of misinformation. To read more, click here.     Read More