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For Immediate Release – Ovation Travel Group, one of the largest independently owned travel management companies headquartered in the US, has released a travel policy benchmarking scorecard to serve as a beneficial resource for any organization looking to gauge the effectiveness of their travel policy. While every organization is different, there are baseline considerations Ovation uses to universally benchmark and ‘score’ its clients’ travel policies and guidelines, which have been categorized and value-assessed in the scorecard worksheet.

“When an organization completes the travel policy benchmarking scorecard, their ‘score’ will provide them with a high-level understanding into the overall effectiveness of their current travel policy,” noted Alison White, Senior Vice President of Client Solutions Group at Ovation Travel Group. “Individual answers to the scorecard line items can then be used to affirm areas where a travel policy likely is already working effectively, as well as possible weak points where there is opportunity for improvement. This resource was developed to help organizations work towards creating a travel policy that addresses both the needs of the organization and the preferences of the traveler in order to promote compliance while minimizing traveler friction."

The scorecard includes the following general travel policy categories:

  • Making travel arrangements
  • Air travel
  • Hotel lodging
  • Ground transportation
  • Travel expense management
  • Security and risk management

Additional travel policy considerations include Trusted Traveler programs, sharing economy vendors, refundable and non-refundable purchase policies, billable vs. non-billable travel expenses, business guest travel, chartered and/or personal aircraft use and more.

Ovation serves over 700 clients, including over 225 financial services firm clients and over 200 law firms through its flagship brand, Lawyers Travel. In addition to creating valuable travel resources like the travel policy benchmarking scorecard and automated travel policy generator, Ovation regularly assists in its clients’ travel policy creation and ongoing revision including benchmarking client travel spend against other organizations of similar size, scope and travel patterns.