Create an Effective Program

Ovation will help you create an effective travel risk management program to protect your travelers and prevent a disruption in overall business continuity.

We offer a comprehensive travel risk management program that helps you fulfill your duty of care by protecting your travelers and your bottom line. Ovation continually monitors all travelers’ current and future trips with real-time trip alerts and reports to locate affected travelers so we can get them home safely.

Travel Vitals®

Given how quickly travel conditions change due to COVID-19, it’s essential that travelers and managers get the latest information and advisories. Find out what measures a destination is taking to contain COVID-19 risk as well as information on quarantine duration. When needed, get a full write-up of a destination that includes international travel considerations such as conditions of entry and domestic lockdowns.

For Travel Managers: With data aggregated from hundreds of sources, travel managers can search for travel restrictions or guidelines by location, travel hubs (airports, train stations), hotel chain, or airline. This information can be used to make educated updates to travel policies, understand risk, and share risk destination information.

For Travelers: Notification emails are sent directly to travelers with an itinerary-specific Travel Vitals link to “know before you go” information for every point in their journey. This will help travelers to clearly understand rules and restrictions associated with each destination, such as social distancing requirements, mandatory quarantines, and more.

Click here to visit the Travel Vitals webpage.

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OTECH Risk Alerts and Traveler Tracking

Travelers will receive automated Travel Risk Alerts emails with critical information (e.g., transportation, health, weather, security updates) that may impact their specific travel plans.

Your travel managers will receive automated Traveler Tracking Alerts

emails when any travelers, or office locations, are potentially affected as world events develop. Get instant visibility to potentially impacted travelers based on their itinerary data.

Locate all travelers on the road, with comprehensive views of itineraries. We provide Travel Managers risk management tools that access security intelligence and traveler locations to mitigate safety risks. Travel managers can:

  • Identify “hot spots” (security, weather, health threats) via a global map interface
  • Access drill-down information on employees in hot-spot locations
  • SMS message travelers from the tool to reach out for safety, security and reaccommodation