Ovation TLC (Travel Lifetime Care) is complete travel oversight to safeguard your travelers and travel program - from planning, to traveling, to post-trip ticket management. At Ovation, our clients travel with the assurance that we are tracking and managing every trip they take, every time they travel. Here's how we do it.

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Trip Alerts and Traveler Tracking

Automated Trip Alerts provide up-to-the-minute itinerary information—such as flight changes, delays and cancellations—via email, SMS and push notification to the GOvation mobile app.

Travelers also receive automated Travel Risk Alerts with critical information (e.g., transportation, health, weather, security) that may impact their specific travel plans.

Our client contacts then receive automated Traveler Tracking Alerts when any of their travelers, or offices, are potentially affected by world events. These alerts outline the specific risk in a destination and list all travelers booked via Ovation and their itineraries.

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OTECH Risk Dashboard

Ovation provides an optional 24/7 web-based duty of care tool, OTECH Risk, that enables users to quickly preview through geographical representation, travel, security and weather details. Locate travelers on the road, including en route changes and flight tracking, with comprehensive views of itineraries. Identify “hot spots” (security, weather and health threats) via a global map interface. Access drill-down information on your employees in hot-spot locations.

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Client Communications

Ovation clients have long valued our weekly travel updates, The Informed Traveler newsletter and breaking news alerts, the Travelgram. These communications are sent to our client contacts to keep them informed on the latest business travel news including traveler health and safety information, supplier protocols and destination advisories and restrictions. Breaking news is sent to travelers as critical events occur – ranging from supplier service suspensions to severe weather disruptions – now includes pandemic-related policy changes as they happen.

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Unused Ticket Tracking and Refund Management

Ovation provides visibility and management of unused tickets (refundable, non-refundable, etc.). We track, report on and manage each client's overall unused ticket inventory and uncover opportunities for future credit. We monitor the data and notify travelers and/or travel arrangers of unused tickets and file for timely refunds on our client's behalf.


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Ovation Safety Check

Ovation is now offering an opt in program with its in-house Safety Check that provides travelers with a substantially amplified level of dedicated care throughout their journeys. Beyond industry norms regarding Duty of Care, Ovation’s Safety Check provides clients with a personalized and ongoing safety check with itinerary-specific information on quarantine requirements and travel restrictions at their destination as well as health and safety protocols and guidelines for all air, rail, hotel and car booked. Up to and throughout the course of the trip, Ovation Safety Check will confirm if anything has changed regarding the flight (capacity, meals), hotel reservation (in-room dining, face coverings) quarantine and testing requirements and more to give travelers the most up to date information about their trip. Trips are monitored 24/7 with automated risk alerts as world events happen. Additional fee applies.

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Ovation Aviation - Private Jet Charters

Access the safest aircraft and elite providers meticulously selected by Ovation travel specialists. Ovation Aviation provides flexible booking, with no minimum hours commitment, on meticulously cleaned aircraft of all sizes that are parked at private air facilities. Ovation Aviation seamlessly sources and books all of your private jet charter needs for your personal, leisure and corporate travel.

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Ovation TLC - Now, More Than Ever

Full itinerary oversight and management is something Ovation has always provided to our clients. It goes without saying. But now, more than ever, we know our clients rely on Ovation TLC to rest easy that they are making informed decisions to safeguard their people and programs as they return to business travel. Every trip, every time.