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Important Travel Resources

The below information, pages, and resources address important considerations for organizations as they look to get their travelers back on the road safely in a pandemic/post-pandemic world. This includes risk management/duty of care, travel and approval policies, spend management, and travel communications. 

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Travel Vitals

Travel Vitals®

A dynamic, web-based reference tool provides pertinent information before, during, and after booking a trip. With data aggregated from hundreds of sources, search for restrictions or guidelines by location, travel hubs (airports, train stations), hotel chain, or airline.

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Trusted Traveler Programs

There are many Trusted Traveler programs which provide both an enhanced traveler experience and increased safety and security. These programs offer various benefits for frequent flyers. Please see our comparison chart for information on which program may be best for you.

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Create a Custom Travel Policy Document

Our automated Sample Travel Policy generator is an easy-to-use form which will create a custom, editable Sample Travel Policy document for your organization.

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Travel Policy Benchmarking Scorecard

Gain insight into the overall effectiveness of your current travel policy. Your answers to the worksheet line items can be used to identify areas where your travel policy is likely already working effectively as well as areas where there is opportunity to strengthen your policy.

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Dos and Don'ts of Data Security for Road Warriors

Intended to serve as a supplement to any cyber security practices recommended or mandated by your company, the Dos and Don’ts of Data Security for Road Warriors is a list of 9 best practices to follow, both prior to and during a business trip.

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Informed Traveler Blog

Articles, event updates, press releases, industry insights, and opinions from Ovation's travel management experts.

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