Every Organization is Different

By filling out the following form, a custom, editable Sample Travel Policy document will be generated for your organization, including the following basic travel policy categories and language:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Booking Guidelines/Procedures
  • Air & Rail Travel Policies
  • Lodging/Accommodations Policies
  • Rental Car Policies
  • Meal Reimbursement Policies

Every organization is different and Ovation recommends treating this document as a starting point from which your complete travel and entertainment policy can be built. Additional categories to consider for your corporate travel policy, not included in the Sample Travel Policy document, may include:

  • Approval Processes
  • Business Guest Travel
  • Cash Advances
  • Cell Phone, Smart Phone, WiFi, etc. Policies
  • Documentation & Tax Requirements
  • Duty of Care
  • Emergency Travel Guidelines
  • Entertainment
  • Equipment Purchase
  • Expense Report Guidelines
  • Foreign Currency Conversion
  • Form of Payment
  • Gifting Guidelines
  • Gratuity Guidelines
  • International Insurance
  • Non-Reimbursable Expenses
  • Other Transportation
  • Personal Travel
  • Recruitment/Candidate Travel
  • Refundable and Non-Refundable Purchase Policies
  • Subscriptions
  • Travel Time (RE: Overnights and Weekends)
  • Traveler and Travel Arranger Profile Policies

Ovation regularly assists in our clients’ travel policy creation and ongoing revision including benchmarking client travel spend against other companies of similar size, scope, and travel patterns.