Becoming Self-Aware and Beating Last Year

LinkedIn -- February 1, 2016 -- While no one person has every skillset, it’s important to become self-aware and identify personal strengths and weaknesses. Never be afraid to ask questions and tackle any obstacles that impede improvement. Both in business and in your personal life, formulate relationships with people that both complement your skillset and share your world view. To read more, ... Read More

Encouraging Everyone to Think Like an Entrepreneur

LinkedIn -- November 30, 2015 -- Creating a culture that embraces entrepreneurial thinking improves both business and the work environment. To read more, click here. Read More

Why Disconnecting Can Make You More Productive

LinkedIn -- October 23, 2015 -- The act of disconnecting can improve productivity, and relaxing and refreshing the mind is of utmost importance in order to remain productive. Simple tricks, such as getting enough sleep and prioritization, will help in maintaining focus while staying on top of the work at hand. To read more, click here. Read More

4 Ways Luxury Travel is Being Redefined

Inc. -- September 25, 2015 -- Luxury leisure travelers value the speed and convenience of the internet while planning and researching a trip. Yet, the knowledge that a real person is guiding choices, sharing knowledge, and providing backup is also desirable. Ovation’s new business venture,, combines the best of online booking functionality with a team of luxury travel advisors ... Read More

How 22,000 Mentors Helped Grow My Business

LinkedIn -- August 20, 2015 -- CEO Paul Metselaar examines the role the Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO) has played in the growth of Ovation. With a mission of “becoming better leaders through education and idea exchange,” YPO is an environment where entrepreneurs, presidents, and CEOs of companies meet on a regular basis and share experiences and gain feedback within a safe space. A member ... Read More

The Way a Red Sox Cap (and a Red Nose) Can Speak Volumes

LinkedIn -- July 10, 2015 -- CEO Paul Metselaar offers tips on how to be a good leader and a catalyst for the business. When Ovation acquired Commonwealth Travel Advisors (CTA) a few years ago in Boston, Paul knew the company was concerned about being acquired by a New York company. To help put worries to ease, he took off his beloved Yankees hat and replaced it with a Red Sox hat before greeting ... Read More

Why the Travel Industry Needs More People Like This

LinkedIn -- September 25, 2015 -- Technological advances are changing the way modern businesses operate, and business travel is no exception. Rather than deteriorating the offline travel industry, new technologies are pushing it forward. From booking through to reporting and expense management, there is an exciting opportunity to create new industry standards and best practices. This process ... Read More